Sunday, March 28, 2010

monday randoms: are we there yet....?

big ol' glove taps to the nerds who came out at 11am on a saturday morning to watch me get my drink on while the flames lost 5-0 to the bruins: justinA, sjc, mikeH, hayley & kent. good times were had by all, and (by the sounds of things), those of us who put in the extra six or seven hours of post-gaming were rewarded with sunday morning headaches.... ;)

- the flames got killed in the aforementioned boston game, and had a disgustingly poor showing at eric nystrom's homecoming on the island, but somehow managed to destroy the best team in the league in the nation's capital on sunday (well, on the scoresheet anyways)... all this really means is that flames fans get to keep their playoff hopes alive with fingers crossed that the avs season will tank in spectacular fashion....

- i'm sure by now that everybody's seen this, and thanks to sjc for alerting me to its existance. to me, the best part is the look on dvdg's mug (to playfair's right) throughout: totally straightfaced. it looks like dvdg is listening to nervous jimmy order a coffee at tim's, not blow an effin' gasket... the other best part (ie: best part #2) is the incredible hulk-like disrobing (i love how the assistant coach picks the jacket up immediately, so as to minimize the amount of spit and sweat on it presumeably).... i understand the use of superlatives, and that there should only be one "best part" but really, there are about eight best parts in this clip.... i gotta say: i have a whole new respect for jimmy canaryshirt..... i almost like the guy now.... ;) apparently he got fined an undisclosed amount for his outburst....

- i'm starting to feel a bit of a kinship with pat steinberg.... i don't listen to O/T after every single game but when i do, i try to help a brother out when he's at a loss (like, for example, some caller was musing about why gio and jaybouw have never played together, and steinberg couldn't recall.... so i dropped him an email reminding him that they were paired back when sarich was on the shelf... pat always seems grateful for the 411)... anyhow, yesterday i sent in my thoughts on daz which i believe he read on the airwaves... i was outtie by then, though, so maybe he skipped it:
darryl sutter has to go and my reasonning is this:

last year when the team was forced to dress a short bench because of blatant cap mismanagement, he should have been fired. he brushed off criticism and blamed injuries, but took no responsibility for spending to the cap and not leaving room for injury replacement... while he should have gotten pink slipped, he was given 'one more season' to get it right by the fans.... 09/10 was his mulligan year and (last i checked) you don't get a do-over on a mulligan.

bear in mind that john ferguson jr handicapped the leafs for years to come, and had he been removed from his job even one year earlier, it wouldn't be so grim in toronto right now.
i'll have a lot more to say on this subject in the coming weeks... ;)

- here's a production still from "keep your head up kid: the don cherry story" that began airing last night on cbc.... um.... i'm sure the story's awesome but it's like four hours long.... and also ? there's no way don cherry was that attractive when he was younger.

- there are a number of reports that dion likes to talk in the dressing room... there are also plenty of rumours around which might explain why dion is always going full tilt, full time.... 'nuff said.

- we decided that there was no place for puppies/dogs in the blogosphere.... but what about cats ?

[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 26 ---gettin' closer !]

have a great week, friends.


Sarah said...

I almost went to the Heat game against the Bulldogs with my brother, who is a huge Habs fan, but we decided not to go at the last moment. I will forever regret that decision!

The Don Cherry movie started last night. I caught the last hour of it because I was up grading papers. It was...underwhelming. Not horrible, but I didn't love it. Of course, I don't love Cherry, so maybe that makes a difference?

I listened to Steinberg last night, but I didn't hear your email. I can't take much more than an hour of the lunacy of some of the callers, though, so I probably missed you. Interestingly enough, I caught a bit of the morning show on the Fan this morning, and they were asking Pierre McGuire how long it would be before the Leafs were an actual NHL team again, and he sounded relatively upbeat, which is...I'm not so sure, but I don't hate the Leafs, so hopefully he's right.

walkinvisible said...

it is truly a shame that you missed that game, it will be considered legendary for eons to come.... the other thing i didn't point out is that i always kindof thought that jimmy was a skinny dude but he looks to be packin' heat under that canaryshirt of his... ;)

if steinberg read my note on the radio, it would've happened after 7pm MST. i know cause that's when i turned it off....

Wittmeier said...

I always thought Jim Playfair was tall and skinny.

I met him during the preseason and was truly surprised at how huge the guy is. Tall (I'd guess 6'3") for one, but solid build as well.

I truly dug the temper tantrum... Unlike many outbursts, I feel more respect for the guy after that display.

walkinvisible said...

coaches are a strange thing cause, not only did i imagine nervous jim to be tall and skinny but i always thought paul maurice was short and was shocked at his height when i met him a few months ago.... up until that point i would've said he was maybe 5'9" but after meeting him, i looked it up and the dude is like 6'2". weird, right ?