Friday, March 19, 2010

moonlighting around the web

it's always flattering to be asked, every now and then, to offer my opinion on the subjects that other writers are bouncing around in their noggins.... this week was a rather busy one with puckdaddy re-opening the wound made by the questionable tastes of nhl merchandise marketers, and the 4th line blog asking for my two cents on a number of things including hockey and puppies....

in other news, the flames meet two of my favorite defenders in dan boyle and niclas wallin tonight (it would be three except pickles is on IR). i'd presume it a loss for the home team except for the fact that the sharks got their asses handed to them in vancouver last night, and it's probably been a pretty exhausting past 13-or-so hours. if the flames can capitalize on a tired team from NoCal that has been struggling as of late, then we should skate away with a W.

onwards and upwards !!

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