Tuesday, March 30, 2010

can the leafs not afford a photographer ???

first this, and now the leafs have re-vamped their website with a three year old pic of dion phaneuf, photoshopped into a toronto jersey [see screencap below, left, of the leafs' latest graphics project, with the original 2007 headshot at right]... to be quite honest (drink!), their picture-altering department has improved thousandfold since the ms-painting in early feb, but could they not simply hire a photographer to take some new shots of their future captain ????

for SHAME !!! i mean, dion doesn't even look like that anymore !!! does the leafs' org not think a guy who looks angry all the time is a good face of the franchise ???

anyhow, i know the leafs recently filmed dion for "intros at the game and such," cause my buddy lanny worked on 'em (yeah, that's his real name) ---so why not just drop a bit of cash for a stills setup/photographer and pop him in for a few minutes while he's all prettied up ??

gah ! i don't understand who runs these effin' teams....

[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 27]


awildermode said...

i think the giguere one one main page is photoshopped, too.

FFinTO said...

Hi WI,

Not to be completely random, but I've been following your blog along with a few others over the past few years. I'm usually too busy reading to actually chime in but I enjoy your stuff nonetheless.

I'm also a flames fan stuck in the T.O. Now I remember reading something here awhile back about places you can catch Flames games or SN West games in Toronto. Despite my attempts to forsake my team after last month, if you or someone happens to see this, can you leave a note saying where that might be?

In any case, look fwd to seeing your next entry.

walkinvisible said...

superawesome to hear from you !!! i will try to get duncan to field that one a little more specifically (since i haven't lived in the teedot for three years) but most "sports bars" will be amenable to turning a tv or two to the flames matches so long as the leafs/raps aren't playing.

i've had luck at the wheatsheaf, shoeless joe's, and southside louie's (but i was a westsider)... generally any bar with sattelite (ie: most) might be amenable if you're willing to ask....

there are also often good streaming links on justin.tv & atdhe.net.

GOOD LUCK !!! keep in touch !!!