Tuesday, August 28, 2007


how kickass is THIS ?????

jason, you crazy guy.
i love it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

jersey numbers update

head over to flames daily to check out the new flames jersey numbers, announced today.

no surprise to anyone who pondered the topic (ie: me and conroytoiginla) that yeller has, infact, returned 11 to o'no. sandbox is definitely a standup guy. i hope he got an all-expenses paid vacation out of it...

overlooked by C2I, in his list, was that david moss is taking on mccarty's #25. those are some big ol' skates to fill for our favorite (read: only) sophomore...

watch out for #27. oh, and #57 !!!!!

[s├ębastien !!!! where to i get to read YOUR blog ?!??!]

Thursday, August 23, 2007

oilers suck

an excerpt from a text message i received last night:

"...sitting with steve staios of the oilers. :) he says hello."

uh hunh, sure he does....
either way, tell him he's gonna get his ass handed to him next year by the redhot boys down south...

[i'm getting AMPED for the season to start, heading back to calgary tonight for a job or three and keeping my fingers crossed that they won't encroach on my intended rookie camp viewing....]

Monday, August 6, 2007

new banner

it's a bit tardy, sure. but i've been busy and there's not much hockey news right now for me to yap about. so, yeah, it's long overdue, but this is my shoutout and kudos to jason from disquiet design for making the coolest logo ever:

the skull and cross-hockey-sticks is puuuure me, and the #44 [and the diamond around it] refers not to niinimaa or warrener (or bertuzzi or souray or pronger, for that matter), but instead to the david blaine incident and my newest tattoo.

so, a huge huge thank you to jason for knowing me, my style, my interests, my passions, and the password to my blog account. ;) the bone detail on the ends of the sticks kills me. love it. it's tooooo rad....

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

breaking news out of nashville...

looks like the preds are gonna stay after all... some interesting stuff coming out of the music city today, actually. like the biggest threat to the team staying put has signed on as a minority owner or whatnot. i dunno. my mole (aka: the cutest belle in the south) sent me a nice email suggesting as much. i'm sure all the news networks'll have all the deets momentarily, if they don't already.