Monday, March 8, 2010

monday randoms: cleaning off the desktop II

i want to reiterate once again just how totally proud i am of the work that duncan, mikeH, and i have been putting up here with relative frequency as of late, and to remind everybody that hitthepost is not the epicentre of statistical debate, but instead a forum to offer opinion, commentary, and sometimes quirkiness.... with that said, some of today's monday randoms will have absolutely nothing to do with hockey, but i've got nowhere else to share the following items that all make me laugh like crazy....

1. the handsome men's club
this sketch is almost ten minutes long, but i assure you it's all funny. god bless kimmel... ;)

2. i don't even know where i found these but they're so incredible.... kinda makes you wish you had a poodle, don't it ? poooorrr dooggies... :(

3. a closer look at iggy's gold a little like this. h/t to sjc for unknowingly allowing me to put this up... thanks. ;)

4. preds fan pics
apparently the preds have re-named their town "smashville" and have a greenscreen situation at the rink where you can take your pic with a cup-inspired background.... i would really love to show you the most adorable example of my friend's two boys, but it wouldn't be right to post pix of someone else's kids.... suffice it to say, i think it's rad that the team promotes such fun stuff, and i will gladly argue with anyone who thinks nashville doesn't have a hockey fanbase.... i bet you dollars to donuts one of those kids will grow up to play hockey. ;P

i guess that's it for today. slow day ? maybe.... or maybe i just think that's enough for one person's brain to absorb in a twenty-four hour period....


[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 5]


Justin said...

Kimmel is by far the funniest thing on TV after 8. The guy is genius.

walkinvisible said...

you insinuate that there's something funnier BEFORE 8..... ;)

no comment on the poodles ?

mikeH said...

Here's a comment on the poodles:

Ewww... Dog owners make me sick. Okay, maybe not all dog owners, but there's a large number that are freakin' useless (like the woman upstairs who puts her dogs out on her balcony to do their business). I mean really, inbreeding is somehow good for dogs but bad for everything else? Have you ever seen "Pedigree Dogs Exposed"?

walkinvisible said...

i seriously read most of that wiki article, until i realized that it had nothing to do with me and was ultimately a waste of my time....

then i went back to watching the Y&R.

JA said...

mike: I pick up after my dog and adopted him from the Canmore SPCA. Feel Guilty. Feel It!!!
And I think the Westminster dog show is a joke.

wi: Poodles are funny looking. And you watch Y&R? I would rather be sleeping, haha. The thing that's funny before 8? Watching the Maple Leafs and Canucks lose in primetime.

mikeH said...

Justin: Good on you for getting a mongrel and taking good care, but can't say I'm that guilty. You don't have to walk very far through the off leash park at the end of my block before you step in the evidence of irresponsible dog ownership.

BTW, I watched the "Handsome Man Club" last night and laughed my ass off. That's an awesome sketch. Guess I should watch some Jimmy Kimmel.

Flames better freakin' put an effort in against Detroit tonight. I'd rather not have them clogging up the golf courses this spring.

JA said...

Well, sometimes people are just dicks.