Thursday, March 25, 2010

lightening the mood.

okay, this is kinda funny (once it gets to introducing the teams, anyways). sorry for getting all bloggergate on you guys yesterday. i'm feeling a little better now.

the proposed blogger meet-up is on saturday for the PPV against the bruins !!! we're thinking flames central... game starts at 11am.... i know i'm in, and i'm pretty sure justinA and mikeH are in... are YOU comin' ??

[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 22]


Justin A said...

DGB is a goddamn hero.

walkinvisible said...

the part about the flames is gold.

Justin A said...

I thought the best part was the Canucks.

"Do you believe in miracles? NOO!"

Kent W. said...

I can probably make it too.

walkinvisible said...

nice !

mikeH said...

Downgoesbrown does good work. I went over to his site today and read a couple more articles and laughed my ass off (even when he described the post-trade Calgary Flames as "Toronto's AHL affiliate").

Oh, and I'm more than happy to do my morning drinking at FC this weekend. I hope they mix a good caesar.

Kent W. said...

I was going to's okay to start drinking at 11, right? Mike

walkinvisible said...

well with mikeH, it's totally possible that he'll show up still-drunk from friday night....

sadly, i guess you could say the same about me. ;)

mikeH said...

I have so many ways to justify drinking this Saturday morning, we shouldn't have to worry. A few possible excuses for morning drinking:

- Professional hockey is on TV
- Breakfast cocktails are available (mimosas, caesars, screwdrivers, Coors light)
- Mourning our team's season at the temple (a.k.a. Flames Central)
- Consoling WI when she checks and they still haven't fixed McCrimmon's poster

You can test these justifications since any one of these could easily be adapted into "excuse" form:

"But honey, I HAD to have a drink. We were in Flames Central and my buds were feeling pretty bummed about the team's season. What was I supposed to do?"

Feel free to throw in a jab to the kidneys, like, "Some of us don't have hearts of stone," or, "Have you no sympathy at all?"

All I know is, if I'm wearing a sports jersey, I'll probably have a drink close at hand.

awildermode said...

awesome video! "just like the leafs, only two hours later."