Monday, August 29, 2011

the real giordano photoshop contest winner

earlier in the week, flamesnation put together a mark giordano photoshop contest and it looks like yours truly is in good shape to win the bartab from hudsons. the reason i'm gonna take the title ?

1. gio IS chuck norris
2. i learned photoshop for that stupid contest
3. awildermode didn't submit this:

so, to my very special friend in cali, whom i've never met but i know is kickass, who i stood in line for 3 hours at a book signing for, who drives a delorean, and if i ever need a place to crash in redondo beach (?) i know i'm golden: you are the uncontested winner of the never-announced hitthepost mark giordano photoshop contest, and someday you'll do me the honour (yeah, with a U) of allowing me to buy you (many) pints.