Thursday, July 26, 2012

PG went to SF (and other trivialities like dev't camp)

i have a really hard time understanding where the time goes, and i can't believe i still haven't done my arena report from madison square gardens OR from sunrise, florida ---so i will aim to get them accomplished sometime before the snow flies.

i DID sit in on a couple of days of prospect camp a few weeks back and my main observation is that winsport is a hella amazing facility up there at COP.  also, i held the door for clint malarchuk & met a couple ryans (pinder & pike).  those were pretty much the biggies.

as for the baby flames, man oh man is johnny gaudreau ever a diamond in the rough.  the kid has some seriously developed hand-eye coordination and he's got that thing people call "hockey sense" in droves.  he's also got mad footspeed, silky soft top-shelfy hands, and some radical moves on a breakaway/shootout.  4 more inches in height and about 30 more lbs and the dude would be fighting for a roster spot next time the flames suit up (whenever that might be).

further notables: sven is still sven, which is awesome, and  nemisz is still nemisz, which is not.  other than that i guess the goalies looked halfway decent, sieloff might become significant, ramage struggled, max looks to have plateaued, and my horse (turner elson) was kindof great one day, and kindof invisible the next.  i did find it interesting that the flames org held the camp DURING stampede week for the first time in memorable history, presumably to showcase the city to the prospects in the aftermath of the tim erixon debacle.


in the meantime, our favorite little pocketfellow has been crossing the continent !!  after an epic trip to iceland and the UK in april, the little laminated dude headed out to visit colin stuart in san francisco:

PocketGaudreau at the San Francisco Marina / Golden Gate Bridge

PG takes on Alcatraz

following his adventure in NoCal, colin brought PG back to calgary where he had some seriously good times at the legendary calgary stampede:

PG running amok at the rodeo...

....checking out the midway....

...& enjoying the nightly fireworks
and into an envelope he went off to his next adventure as duncan roadtrips eastern canada !!  remember you can always follow the little one on his twitter page, @pocketgaudreau.

out for now !!