Tuesday, May 22, 2012

all points bulletin: SHEP !!!!

i realized today that longtime swedish commenter (and friend), shep, has been absent for far, far too long.  shep, if you're reading this: let us know you're alive [and that you're way too busy to comment cause you're actively trying to set me up with henrik loob or something].

we miss you.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pocket gaudreau goes to vegas !!

i'm starting to think i should re-name this blog to "pocket gaudreau events and the occasional arena report" cause, let's face it: that's all that goes on over here these days.

so after PGv2's successful journey abroad to íslenska & the motherland, our good friend justin azevedo took him on a boys' weekend to vegas !!

a couple of the photos are unusable cause jazzyV broke the only rule of PG: the flipside is not for photographing, it's for grinning at.  that rule voids the pic of him in front of the little church of the west wedding chapel, and in front of a really awesome poster advertising "hot babes direct to you."

PG lands at mccarran international airport and manages to avoid the 1200 slot machines.

PG enjoying his first sonic burger. his review? 'burp'.

PG stayed at the planet hollywood hotel, where every room has a theme... thankfully, his was the peaceful slumber-inducing 'scream-mask-right-beside-the-bed' theme.... meh. you're not supposed to sleep in vegas anyways....

"that's terry benedict's casino!" ...PG had no idea what that meant.

the boys out on the town.

and onwards !!!  PG should be returned home tonight and i'll chuck'im in the mail later this week.  i'm thinkin' he'd like san francisco. or florida. or nova scotia. or beantown.... ;)  lemme know if you want him (via email: walkinvisible@gmail.com).  i've got a pretty good idea where he's headed but any last minute pleading can sway a girl.

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