Tuesday, March 2, 2010

just sayin'.....

this dude just got called up to columbus, and i find him currently FAR more interesting than bourque or stajan's new contracts, and how they affect the tradeability of cory sarich or dustin boyd:

also: as expected (albeit a couple of days late), mikael backlund has been recalled to the calgary flames. this means conroy is either still on IR, or we're about to deal a roster player.


mikeH said...

Did you see this:

Leave No Doubt

Good motivation. Together with the $50 in change buried at centre ice, we shouldn't have been worried at all.

walkinvisible said...

where are you getting the $50 in change information ??!?

ps: that's pretty good stuff. i knew i liked babcock.

mikeH said...

No reason for me to come up with $50 as the number, I'm just making shit up. No doubt the officially leaked word will come out sometime soon.

Actually, I figure our 'official' currency was probably lodged under centre:

Canadian Tire Launches $1 Coin