Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PG takes manhattan

i feel a lot of guilt that i never write over here, but then i realize that i detest reading pre-season articles because i'm not convinced there's even going to BE a season.  so i guess i'll offer up some amusing tales of PG's travels, and hope that some of the longtime htp readers will enjoy the ridiculousness in this, the site's 900th post !!

PG met me up in NYC at my cousin's place, having been a last-minute consideration (sorry, little buddy) for my august sojurn.  duncan popped him in the mail from exeter, as he was mid vaycay when he was summoned to the big apple.

Enroute to NYC !!!

bryant park, aka: my happy place
amazing photo #1 in times square (heros: NYPD & the happy tourist)
amazing photo #2 in times square (hero: photobomber & future potential angry mass shooter)
brooklyn bridge &freedom tower from the east river ferry
brooklyn cyclones game at coney island with the iconic and defunct parachute drop

empire state building and the LES from the top of the rock

central park and the top of manhattan (plus the part of the hudson that the miracle happened on)
radio city music hall

anyways.  PG had some fun in new york.  from there, we went to toronto for a week and i'll post those pics sometime soon.  duncan took him back and he's off on an adventure to halifax, having narrowly missed a debaucherous weekend in denver to see phish (true story).  some other time, pocketgaudreau... some other time.