Thursday, March 18, 2010

realtime photography

i just got this in a message on my phone from my pal strombo.... i think it was meant as a jab in the ribs.

the caption ?


ps: i totally saw dion lying on the ice blocking shots in front of giguere tonight !!! maybe he IS learning something !!!!!! or maybe he was just being REALLY lazy....

***UPDATE: it sounds like phaneuf took a shot off the leg. i could be wrong but i'd be willing to bet that the shot in the leg happened BEFORE he was lying on the ice. ie: i guess he might be hurt so that means he probably still sucks.


awildermode said...

can dion hit the net, yet?

walkinvisible said...

not from the blueline.

he got a pretty sweet SOG from the top of the hash marks that led to a massive rebound and wide open net for kessel, though.