Monday, April 30, 2012

the resurrection of pocket gaudreau !!

well, it's been two months since i posted anything over here ---a total embarrassment--- and even longer since pocket gaudreau's been on the road.  the USPS (okay, i guess it could have been canada post) lost the poor little guy enroute from puerto rico to vancouver back in february, and it was a bit of an undertaking to get version 2.0 produced.

photos, i'm told, from his trip to puerto rico are still forthcoming...

in the meantime, i resurrected the wee lad on easter weekend (i thought it was fitting !) and took him with me on a journey across the pond.  we saw geothermic activity and waterfalls in iceland, and some of the sights in scotland and england.  oh, what a time !!!

so while the real john gaudreau was hanging with patty kane somewhere in the continental US, the mini pocket version was on a trans-atlantic flight headed home to calgary.  here's some of the highlights from his first trip:

PG had some time to kill on brighton beach.  this is the decaying historical west pier.

...and the beach from the marine palace & pier.

no trip to iceland would be complete without a stop at the blue lagoon. well as a ton of geothermic activity, hour-long sunsets...

...and some unbelievable waterfalls.  this is gullfoss ---in the rift where the eurasian plate meets the north american plate.  pretty unreal stuff...

 after getting his geological mind blown in iceland, PG popped in to check out edinburgh castle.

the classic london red phonebox is cool, but even cooler is the pub in behind it (the canonbury) where i watched england win the rugby world cup in 2003 (god bless jonny wilkinson).

and here's PG at tower bridge, to cap off his first european adventure.

it sounds like PG might head to vegas on a boys weekend next ---let me know if/when you want him and email me your mailing address & we can really get this party started !!!!