Monday, March 29, 2010

pocketdawgs around the world: switzerland

1. if you ever travel the world and see a pocketdawg, i want a picture for my international pocketdawgs of the world series that i started about thirty seconds ago.

2. leanne from openicehits (which, btw, needs a new banner i see) couldn't make the blogger meetup on saturday cause she was in switzerland, partaking in arena treats and watching zarley zalapski's lausanne HC. um..... all-around highfives.

3. leanne suggests that the swiss pocketdawg (pocheh√ľnd, if you will) bread is superior, but the sausage is inferior to the dome brand.

4. there is a lot of tape in this photo, although the need for tape in this scenario is unclear.... just sayin'..... ;)
...and now it's five minutes to twelve and there is nothing i'd rather have right now that one of those.... thanks a LOT. ;)

1 comment:

leanne said...

Hahhaa. Any time. BTW, a lot of the arena concessions looked way nicer.