Tuesday, March 16, 2010

update on backlund, by backlund

happy 21st birthday to mickis tomorrow !!!! the lucky guy got hisself borned on st.paddys day, but it doesn't sound much like he's all that interested in getting messed up on green beer.... fyi: if you wanna catch up with him, hit ikea on thursday march 18th and stake out the cafeteria. ;) anyhow, an update from his blog ---the highlights being that he'll find out tomorrow morning (wednesday) if he'll lace up in colorado.... eff, you might as well. i vote: let mickis play !!!


"Now when I write this, it's my 21 - year day in Sweden, but we still have 6 hours left here in Colorado, USA. Just 21 years is indeed a big deal here in the U.S. when you finally get to go out over here! Birthday will be celebrating in Denver, Colorado, as I said, we play here tomorrow and then fly home after the game. So I had thought that I would go to IKEA on Thursday when I come home and eat my favorite cake, prinsesstårta! May be that it will be buying the Daim and also a nice lunch with meatballs, potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam!

I have not played game for a while now. I've been in the gallery since we played against New Jersey, March 5, so it was a bit boring because you always want to play! But I have fought on and drove hard fys and extra skating. For now, it has been pretty okay since I was called again. We started of course with a heavy loss against Minnesota, but then came back and won against New Jersey and then we won three consecutive games after that. But then we went to Vancouver on Sunday and had a heavy match there and lost, and since yesterday we played against Detroit at home and lost again after a really tight game in which Detroit won by 1-2! The match could have gone anyway but it was a heavy loss for us and now we are 3 points for playoff spot, we hunt and the remaining 13 games! So we should win 10 of those if we are going to the playoffs and I really hope!

I myself of course hope to play soon, we want to be with and help the team when it is a bit frustrating to sit in the stands and not be able to help the team. 'll See if I get the chance again tomorrow for my birthday, get to know tomorrow morning after warming! There will be a really tough match tomorrow, we meet a strong, young Colorado who has gone quite well this year and is on 6th place 7 points ahead of us. I hope and believe that we win tomorrow then we had two heavy loss which gives us a real pleasure revenge.

After the match tomorrow as I say we fly back to Calgary again and play at home on Friday against San Jose and then we fly back on Saturday and play on Sunday away against Minnesota. It's a tough schedule we have with the game almost every other day and a lot of traveling! But it's the most fun time in the season when it starts to tighten and every match is like an end-game match for us!

Today I was, Pardy and McGrattan down and drove fys before we flew to Colorado where I sit now in the hotel room. Soon it's time to go and eat dinner with a bunch of the team.


i understand the word "fys" to be like practice of some sort, but maybe shep can offer more info.
hit the post: helping you learn swedish one word at a time.... ;)

more on my thoughts re: the state of the flames tomorrow. the post is pretty much done but i wanted to get this view from the inside up.

[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 13]


Sarah said...

I have lost my mind (too little sleep+ too much stress+hockey-induced depression?), because I was actually thinking, "Hmm, IKEA's not far from here. I wonder if he's actually going to go there," before I remembered that I live in an entirely different city.

Clearly my addled brain just wants something to look forward to, and isn't counting on tonight giving it to me...

shep said...

"fys" is short for "fysisk träning" wich means physical training.

they probably went to the gym:)

walkinvisible said...

once again, i thank you so much, shep. :)

walkinvisible said...

as for you, miss sarah:
don't worry your pretty little head. just get some sleep.

ps: too bad you're not here. nobody wants to go to ikea with me and candles. ;)

JA said...

I'd go to Ikea, but I'm working. And I probably wouldn't be looking for love like you wi. I would be looking for a chair.

walkinvisible said...

who says i wouldn't be looking for a chair ??? ps: i've already met mickis once. there's no way i'm going to ikea so he can think i'm stalking him..... jeeeez... he's not gio, for cryin' out loud.