Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Let's see if this still works: You're crazy if you want the Hawks in Round 1

I’m listening to the Fan 960 Morning Show. I’ve lived in Ontario for 12 years now and it’s how I keep up. And, suddenly, I feel compelled to jump back into this blog for the first time in, uh, seven years?

Ryan Pinder, who I usually agree with, says the Flames should want Chicago at this point. Rhett Warrener says the same thing. “Boomer," whose takes are more questionable and less considered, says they’re crazy.


Let’s review, from the net out:

  • Chicago has the better goalie. 
  • Because the Ducks’ best three defencemen are all injured, Chicago has a substantially better Top 4. 
  • Chicago has the better top-end talent. 
  • Chicago has Joel Quenneville. Anaheim has Randy Carlyle. 
  • Anaheim is bigger, and is “in the Flames’ head.” (The former really doesn’t mean anything except for maybe that it leads to the latter, and that’s busted up with one win in Games 1 or 2.) 

I’ll take Gaudreau, Backlund and Bennett skating around Kevin Bieksa all day, every day. Bring on the Ducks.

(Maybe the playoffs will bring me back in here more regularly? Or maybe it will be another seven years. My last post was this half-assed re-publish of an e-mail exchange, and I’m extra excited to see if posts here still auto-publish to @hitthepost on Twitter, which I set up way back then.)