Friday, March 19, 2010

a love letter to the edmonton oilers

dear northern greasers:

look. it's way overdue, but i guess i should apologize for our captain accidentally taking out sheldon souray on a check back in october... i should also apologize for sheldon souray breaking his hand on iggy's head during the retribution fight in january that, ultimately, ended your #1 blueliner's season. i AM sorry those things happened, but (once again), you're the bigger man, edmonton.... and i appreciate.

anyhow, the jist of this letter is to show my appreciation for your attempt to knock off the detroit red wings in regulation tonight, to help your fellow albertans make the postseason... even though you pussed out and let a baddie in with 0.4 seconds left, you battled hard through OT and won it in the skills comp. that shows some manhood and i didn't think you had it in you.

long story short, i think it's rad that you pushed through and got the W for your future (and for your southern brothers). next year when you have eberle and hall (or seguin ---you choose), we'll try not to crush them too hard under reggie and gio, and we'll even let them get one or two past miikka....

i swear.


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