Thursday, November 29, 2007

less than .500

i'll be honest, it's weird being back in the birthplace of the walkinvisible and not writing much of anything.
well, to be true, i'm writing alot, but posting pretty much none of it...

it seems to me that the flames are winning just less than 50% of their games, i see from, but i'm gathering much more insightful and useful information from metrognome's sarcastic diatribes....

additionally, i'm drinking heavily and spending some valuable time comisserating with old friends, none of whom really care about 'the ice hockey' (though, admittedly, the aussies are huge fans of the iggy holler)....

hope you are all well.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

hockey-less down unda

i'll have to keep this short due to a clock ticking above on the working internet...

1. how the hell is it that NOBODY has said a PEEP about tlusty-gate ?? i realize it's not flames-related but still.... HG, leanne i expect more out of you when it comes to hilarity involving pics of ANYONE in the NHL, leafs-nation or not. excited am i about the potential full-time promotion of lombardi to the first line. not only because it makes our team more exciting and hella stronger, but i've got lombo in both my pools... ;)

3. nystrom seems to be settling in, hunh ? please give me more info.

4. i'd link to you all but you're on the right, here, so plain and simple: thanks to GSN, FHF, DD, OIH & FB for keeping me up-to-date. i read your stuff and totally skip over the NHL sites. they're all bunk.

5. i'm getting a tan.


Saturday, November 17, 2007


i'm glad you guys are blogging, and commenting. i'm reading but too rushed to write much....

i got this note from my buddy jon yesterday:

"how about that southern hemisphere hockey coverage! the flames are still bunk fyi."

love it.
short but accurate.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

so long, and thanks for all the fish

so my superfast eastern swing is coming to an end, and tomorrow i'll spend 25 hours in transit to the opposite end of the globe. then, i'll spend the next month-plus in a country where cricket and footy rule, and nobody cares about "icehockey." so be it. to be true, right now i couldn't care less either, since my beloved team can't even notch a win against one of the worst opponents in the NHL. and i'm struggling in my pools (demitra, you bum, it's supposed to be GABORIK who gets injured !!!)...

i was in north bay, on the weekend, for a wedding.
this, in itself, is not nearly as notable as the hockey game which was being televised during lunch at east side mario's on saturday afternoon... game 2 of the 1986 stanley cup finals. wiiiiiiiiicked..... i don't have a whole lot to say about it, besides the following:

1. iggy could be as good a captain as lanny, if he wants to be.
2. game 2 in 86 was a total defensive breakdown, and we lost in OT ---kinda like half the games we've played this year....
3. al macinnis was damn good... DAMN.
4. mikey vernon had a much quicker glove than i give him credit for (see: kipper)
5. huselius, in all honesty, plays a lot like my boy loob (especially on the PP).

the point ? our current team is easily good enough to go to the finals and lose against the '86 habs.

i've said it once, i'll say it again....


with chuck kobasew netting the most awesome of goals last night, i will once again re-visit the sadness i have about losing him and ference for a couple of duds. chucky's got 7 goals, 2 assists and a nice lookin' +8 on the board for the first 16 games of the season. and damn if davey moss (his "replacement") ain't 0-4-4, -1 thusfar.


Friday, November 9, 2007

whoah... what the hell ?

someone's gonna hafta lemme know what the hell happened last night.

i'm lookin' at the game summary and i see eriksson on the ice for all of last night's goals except the first one.
let's count 'em: that's two for and two against....

i presume that on the two vancouver goals, he looked terrible. infact, the burrows goal most likely made all of the on-ice calgary flames (lombo, moss, hale and eric nystrom --who probably just bought himself a ticket back to the QC after last night, btw) look like they should be wearing spongey red noses and floppy red shoes.

but then redemption comes for the swede in the form of a powerplay goal.
who told him he was allowed to pinch ?!?!

and paired with phaneuf for the second calgary marker THIRTY SECONDS LATER ???

i am totally confused by the state of this team. i cannot understand why sutter isn't landing us a proper blueliner. cause it is painfully clear the guys we have can't do it alone (phaneuf with 26 minutes on a sore foot ??!).


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

da bears

does anybody else really really really really miss andrew ference, and realize that ference/kobasew for stuart/primeau was a terrible trade ? just wonderin'....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

calgary v. detroit postgame

it's killing me.
get eriksson off the freakin' ice.

if sutter cares at all about the 07/08 flames, he will do something about our 5/6 defensive pairing. you KNOW something is wrong out there when nobody seems to be hackin' on warrener anymore....

i'm about 10 days from heading overseas, so i'll be infrequently online in the next months, and totally getting killed in my fantasy pool...