Tuesday, March 9, 2010

flames v. wings: D-day = DEFENSE day

i just wanted to post this link of the event summary and point out the following defensive notes:

- the addition of staios has evened out the defender minutes, and i'm pretty happy about that. while I'M not convinced that sarich is a better defender than pardy, at this point, brent sure is... at least brent is proving that he understands where #6 sits on the depth chart in relation to the other five guys dressed:
  • sarich 17:43
  • staios 18:54
  • gio 18:59
  • white 19:15
  • jaybouw 22:20
  • regehr 23:14
- staios has levelled the blueliner minutes, but seems to be on the ice for a hell of a lot of ES goals against.... this is problematic, at best. even though i'm totally skeptical about his skills, i will admit to being MUCH happier that he's sharing icetime with a struggling jaybouw, and sarich is being sheltered by the ever-steady gio.

- regehr has UNQUESTIONABLY improved his game since the flames dumped dion. [additional note: the dion phaneuf drinking game is now how often, during sportcentre or the like, you can see a maple leafs goal against where dion is standing in, or directly infront of, the crease trying to stop a goal with his stick. here's a hint for you, brother: you probably want to disengage the man infront, or try to stop the puck with your body. the 20 square inches of blade is probably not gonna cut it.... ps: i drank thrice tonight, on all boston goals...]

- this was the first game where i saw ian white do things that i'm confident dion would never have done (in a good way). early on, he cleanly knocked the puck off of zetterberg(?)'s stick with a diving play that would have otherwise led to a breakaway.... this would never have happened if phaneuf was the defender.... EVER. he would have either tripped z'berg or stood around, waiting to see if regehr could make it back in time or if miikka could make the save....

- gio is bonafide. 4 hits and 3 blocked shots. love'im.

- i also want to hat tip to chris higgins, honorary 7th defenceman tonight, for getting his long-due first goal in red. love'im too. ;)

- and, finally, a last note on the 'last line of defense' : backelhinney looked pretty bad on the goal he let in tonight in relief during the ducks v. cbj game.... and i think i'm being generous by saying "pretty bad.'

huge win for the boys. if they keep this up, i might have to stop counting the days til sutter(s) dismissal (currently at 6).


JA said...

-Reggie has defiantly improved his play. I don't know who he hit, but on a DET rush, he destroyed a guy into the end boards before he got the puck off. That was nice to see.

-Somehow Reggie and White were +4!

-Staios has not been as awful then I expected, so that's nice.

Nuuuuugs said...

Statement win last night, even if there were a few lucky bounces. Let's hope they keep that sentiment up, not an easy schedule, I count 11 of 16 games remaining against playoff teams.

I think you should change the dismissal count to Gerber Daisy Death Count.

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duncan said...

I love Reggie's defiance!

Kelly Mamer said...

Love Reggie, and I'm glad he's playing much better. Also, as I noted over at M&G, it has occured to me that Steve Staios is our new Dion Phaneuf!