Sunday, March 21, 2010

c'mon, flames central !!! get it TOGETHER !!!!

flames central opened on april 10th, 2007.... that's about a month shy of three years ago.

the flames-themed sportsbar and restaurant is run by the calgary flames organization & local buisnessman, victor choy,'s concorde group (which also owns and operates such establishments as the mercury, the whiskey, the bungalow, bass brothers, mynt, the sky360, and the infamous republik in all of its incarnations). anyhow, i don't really have a whole lot to say about the joint except that it's a pretty decent place to watch a game (biggest LED screen outside of dubai, i've been told), and that i'm getting slaughtered in their hockey pool.

the reason i'm writing this (and i admit this post is way past due) is that on the second floor, the walls are lined with framed player 'portraits;' poster-sized photos of some of history's favoured flames, with a bit of info on each of them.... i always stop on the gallery's west end to say hi to håkan loob, but lanny's around, and langks, lombo, and theo are all hanging about, among others.... but here's my point.

late in april, 2007, my buddy richie took me to flames central to show me around. he works in construction and has been employed by victor choy for ages, and has helped renovate most of the properties listed above. he knew i'd like the planet-hollywood-meets-my favorite-hockey-team styling and was pretty proud of the place.... the first thing i said as we nosed around upstairs ?

"uhhhh... they might want to fix the spelling of brad mccrimmon's name..."

richie immediately got on the phone to victor and let him know the error... in the three years since, i've mentionned it to victor myself (when i ran into him at the cjsw anniversary party), and i also pointed it out to flames' vp of communications, peter hanlon, when i saw him at the fan forum a few months back....

aaaannnnnd the last time i checked, poor mccrimmon was still mis-spelled....

that's kindof outrageous.

(this post was clearly written with a hangover.)

[sutter(s) dismissal countdown: day 18]


JA said...

There was also one other player who's name was spelled wrong and a sticker was placed over it (which was peeling). Who was that again?

walkinvisible said...

i decided not to write about the success story of the langkow frame.... cause in the same conversation where richie called vic choy to let him know about mccrimmon, he also let him know about langks.

hopefully langks is fine.

walkinvisible said...

it also occurs to me now that this portrait is a complete re-do, since they probably also want to add the word "cup" to the end of the last sentence.

who proofreads this shit ???!?

Justin said...

Quite obviously no one.