Sunday, February 25, 2007

a love letter to the dallas stars

dear southstars:

thank you, dallas, for not letting the canucks win today. i feel sortof sorry that they still got a point, but i really appreciate you guys for puttin' forth the big effort and tying the game with less than 30 seconds left, and then winning it in overtime. my team could really learn from your hard work. but even though he set up the tying goal, i still hate mike ribeiro for being a whiny bitch. oh, and thank you for keeping joel lundqvist in the bigs...



Kent W. said...

Heh. I was pleased to see that as well.

The Canucks got outshot 36-18 in that game and still nearly won it. Their bubbles bound to burst here at some point and hopefully the Flames have turned it around by that time and will be able to take advantage. If not, it'll be the Wild who win the NW division.

walkinvisible said...

yeah, but i have to say if the wild win, i'm okay with that. vancouver just has too many guys i wanna punch (read: sedins, linden etc.)... i'm actually a huge fan of nummelin, mikko koivu and manny fernandez with his smelling salts monkey.

besides. i'm coming to terms with the flames finishing 8th... i have a bit of a crush on forsberg... :)

Jason said...

"If" the Wild win? Um, since they are going to win, there's little to argue about. :)

Kent W. said...

i have a bit of a crush on forsberg... :)

Heh...I noticed.