Monday, February 19, 2007

seperated at birth

here's a couple i've been thinking about for awhile, and i don't feel like writing about vancouver taking over the division lead and looking unstoppable, trades or trade rumours... so here you go:

henrik lundqvist (NYR) & jc chasez (n*sync)

mark giordano (CGY) & mr. bean

richard zednik (MTL) & daniel craig (007)
[this one's a stretch, i know...]

lundqvist & jc again...

fire marshall bill & mats sundin (TOR)... yeahhhhh.....

and then there's the ones that i absolutely ADORE that were published in the hockey news:

mike commodore (CAR) and ronald mcdonald

that's all the amusement i can muster for you guys on a monday night. thanks to tanzir for the fire marshall bill/sundin idear. see ya'z tomorrow for a gameday rundown... :)

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