Saturday, February 17, 2007

flames v. 'lanche pt2: pre-game

i started writing just now about all my superstitions, and how i'll use them to help the flames win tonight, but then i realized that the flames need to help the flames win. EVERYONE needs to play ALL sixty hockey minutes. they need to play as tough as their "arguably best in the league" defense should. they need to score like a college quarterback in cancun [i wish i could take credit for that one, but i stole it fair and square from JV]

the flames can win tonight by using simple maths: score more goals you let in.

(but a little hint for playfair: put godard in... because i think the stat is "unbeaten" with that guy wearing the flaming C)

Flames 5-2: iggy, tanguay, conroy, phaneuf, langkow/brunette, hejduk.

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joel said...

Went to the 'dome with KJ 'cause Jonny was still in Vegas.

They SUCKED for a couple of periods, but looked pretty good in the third.

They better put a string of wins together here, and hopefully Minny and Van will sh*t the bed for a few games...

-Your Bro