Tuesday, February 20, 2007

flames v. 'lanche pt3: pre-game

pardon the profanity but, seriously ? who's NOT fuckin' sick of seeing the snow swirling around the A. and those pesky bloggers from the centennial state are probably saying the exact same thing about the flaming C. [though i always thought it would be great if, at the pepsi centre, there were dudes in long white capes that would come running down the stairs after an avs goal. y'know, the way the fire comes bursting out of the boxes in the rafters of the 'dome... but i guess not every team needs a gimmick...].

two big questions tonight that i feel i already have answered:
1. is davey moss playing ? no. he did not accompany the team on the road.
2. can the flames win on the road ? i'm gonna say yes. tonight will be the first of many.

6-4 calgary. giggles with a pair, one for the new kid preems, juice with a couple and i'll give one to freezy. 'lanche respond with goals from burnaby joe, brunette, hejduk and svatos (to show he's tasty tradebait).

and, what, nobody laughed at sundin meets firemarshallbill ???


Kent W. said...

and, what, nobody laughed at sundin meets firemarshallbill ???

Actually, I did. For years I've always been morbidly fascinated with Sundin's hideous visage. And now I think I know why. Oh the early hijinks of one Jim Carey!

Steal Thunder said...

I laughed as well, I just forgot to comment on it...

That picture of Sundin is just creepy...

Kind of looks like Robocop at tmes as well... with just as much personality...