Thursday, February 8, 2007

gameday preview: flames v. bluejackets

here's the thing i know about the bluejackets. they've got freddy modin.

okay the truth is i know very little about what's happening in the hockey hotbed of columbus. i spend a lot of time in toronto and since all the news is buds, buds, buds, it's admittedly hard to figure out what the "other" westcoast teams are doing. and, really ? who wants to read up on that team in the basement of the central division ??? a quick glance of their roster shows me they should have about two lines of crazy firepower --but they haven't been scoring to potential. i also see that there's a lot of young guys, which presumeably means speed and alot of giveaways.

looks like norrena will play. so, here's my query: how does a guy miss only 3 games with a groin injury ?

sitting at .500 in their last ten, i'd say those sailors will be out for blood. if the flames put forth an effort like they did v. the hawks, we're gonna get smoked. if they actually show up to play, i think the flames'll take it 3-2. (tangs/juice/friesen, modin/carter).

do it for noodles, boys.

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