Sunday, February 11, 2007

pre-game: flames v. wings

i feel like i've been posting for days, so i'll keep this one short.

i really don't know how the flames can possibly win this game.
maybe it's my attitude that's the problem, but i optimistically called for flames wins in the last two games and was sorely mistaken (though i DID predict close tilt last night, and that if we went to shootout we'd lose... but i guess that doesn't make me a genius). the loss of andrew ference will surely have an immediate effect on the team psychologically, though i'm not sure how it will show itself on the ice. ference was a positive, energetic voice in the locker room, and was very close with a couple of the guys (including our captain)... i'm guessing team morale is low. but chuck in a couple of new guys (no pun intended) and maybe there will be some kind of spark...?

3-0 wings. zetterberg and a couple from robert lang.
(sorry boys)


Kent W. said...

Im actually kind of optimistic about this one. Calgary seems to play well on the 2nd day of back-to-backs for some reason and they REALLY NEED to salvage a win from this roadtrip.

MacS said...

Man, you were way off. Games not even half over and its 6-1. This road trip is nothing less than a disaster.

walkinvisible said...

now i think it was ME that was being optimistic at 3-nil. rob kerr said it best "if you're sulking for a lost comrade, get into a different business." easy to say... this game is a massacre...