Friday, February 16, 2007

i hate being wrong

i was WAY off on that game. i guessed low-scoring & it was a blowout. i said friesen would pot one & he was kept entirely off the scoresheet. i said we'd win and... well, we certainly didn't do that... i've got nothing else to say on the subject (except that it seems whenever i go out drinkin', the flames lose and there's a huge trade...).

additionally, i was wrong about forsberg going to vancouver. on the bright side (if you can call it that) at the beginning of the year, i called nashville to win the cup (though i can probably only count on george stroumboulopoulos to bear witness to that call, as he accompanied me to the 'dome when the preds made the flames look like a junior team, back in october). odds are on that i might get that one right, i guess, unfortunately...

in other news, i was reading an article on about the 2007 class of rookies and was quite pleased to see our boy giordano in the top 20. i wish i screen captured it before i sent in my complaint to the author, but it has since been ameded to reflect the notes i sent in:

what maths are you using to calculate mark giordano being "scratched in 13 of Calgary's past 20 games" ?? i'm fairly certain that the only game he's missed, going back into 2006, was the january 13th tilt against edmonton. this guy has clearly stolen the #6 spot from a failed 1.4 million dollar darryl sutter experiment, in andrei zyuzin, to become a bit more than "semi-regular."

As you pointed out, my math was a little fuzzy in regards to Giordano's playing time. I incorrectly refernced his game-by-game stats and thought the beginning of the season was the current part of the season if that makes sense. I have changed it now.

see ? i love being right... :)

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HG said...

Nice one. Gio deserves a dump truck load of credit for the year he's been having.

I knew it from the beginning, this kid is wicked awesome.