Thursday, February 22, 2007

flames v. dogs: pregame (aka "the kiss of death")

so madmac went ahead and guaranteed a win tonight in the grand canyon state, which (to me) pretty much dooms any chance for a much-needed road win. but i'm kinda down on my team right now anyways, so i guess i would've predicted a loss either way... i'm starting to think these guys will hit rock bottom before they wake up (with just enough time left to meet nashville in the first round).

okay. i don't think it'll be that bad but i DO wonder what happened to the "little team that could" (ie: the one that played without jarome to an impeccable record). i wonder why we could pull out all the stops and play with heart for sixty minutes when the team wasn't as good or as deep... i wonder why playfair continues to play with line combinations when, i think chemistry is the only thing lacking... all i know is that tuesday night, i changed my ichat header from "party like mccarty" to "well, at least ference won tonight..."

i'm givin' tonight's matchup to the dingos. let's say sjöstrom with a hattrick (i love that former hitman), and huselius lighting the lamp for the good guys (cause he won't give up).

[this negative post is just to counterbalance what happened over at the fiveholers' site. yep. we're even stevens. so we win in OT}

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Kent W. said...

I hope this balancing act works..