Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a love letter to the st. louis blues

dear slightly depleted blues squad:

thank you, st.louis, for not letting the canucks win today. i know you probably feel a little empty from losing tkachuk and guerin, but i promise you'll really like niemenen --he's really funny and a great interview (that thing about "hospital hockey" is the stuff of legend). he can play hockey a bit, too, in a jarkko ruutu sortof way. also, i'm sure boyes and metropolit will look good in the blue jersey. anyhow, i'm not sure if you won for
my team tonight, or for your future, but i'm sure glad you did.



Jason said...

The city of St. Louis breaths a sigh of relief today, knowing the Blues can still put on a good showing without their top goal scorer and fatty... The season isn't over yet!!!

MacS said...

Funny, during the Sharks game on Saturday my friends and I were talking about where Ville ended up, and two days later his name surfaces in a trade.

Doubt he'll ever be the same though