Thursday, February 8, 2007

super-duper-stitious (BJs post-game)

i don't have much to say tonight but i'm trying to get used to this pre-game/post-game blogging thing.

i missed most of the game cause i forgot it wasn't in calgary [and was trying to make my freakin' page look decent]. the first thing peter maher said as the game came up was "and columbus ties the game at 1." being a slave to my superstitions, i considered shutting it off... but i wasn't quick enough, and the badguys scored yet again, 47 seconds later. did i mention freddy modin scored the winner ? i don't know much, but i know modin is your enemy (unless he plays for your team)...

fear not, flames fans. i WILL wear my jersey on saturday when the flames take on the slugs. and my jersey's sportin' a 5-1 record. so all will be well in flamesville. it has to be.

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Kent W. said...

Aha! So it's YOUR fault they lost!