Saturday, February 10, 2007

game day preview: flames v. slugs

i was living in the UK when the flames unveiled the black flaming C in september '03, and i spent a lot of money on per-hour internet use trying to see the new jersey. verdict: HOT. i can't tell you where i was in september '06 when the sabres revealed their new logo, but i remember coming very quickly to the verdict: UGLY. like the leafs are called "the buds", and the canadiens are called "the habs", i've taken it upon myself to dub the sabres "the slugs" forevermore...

but the new look, somehow, made the slugs better. faster. tougher. with a magical ability to both put the puck in the net and keep it out at the same time... initially, the loss of stalwart jp dumont went unnoticed, as the slugs opened the season without a loss in regulation in their first 12 games [i count five shootout wins, though...]. they've been less than superhuman of late, however, going 6-4 in their last ten, with six of those games being one-goal differentials. bottom line: these guys know how to win the tight ones.

which is kindof bad news for the boys in red...

the GOOD news is that i'll be wearing my jersey today and, as i mentioned in the last post, it's 5-1. also in our favour: the flames tend to show up for the teams that are tougher [the "killer instinct"]. and, with any luck, warrener will be back on the ice, so zyuzin --sense of humour and all--- can have a rest in the pressbox tonight.

it'll be a close one. i'll give the edge to miikka, though. 3-2 flames (iggy with 2, lombardi/vanek, briere). not sure if i truly believe we'll take it, with the road record and all... of course, if it goes to shootout we all know we're sunk... [and i can't believe i didn't have the foresight to figure out a way to trek down the QEW to attend this game...]


Kent W. said...

I swear I wrote my preview before reading yours. Apparently we both think Iginla's going to get 2 though (and Lombo 1).

Great minds :)

walkinvisible said...

sure, sure... but can you imagine if we're RIGHT ???
go flames go!