Wednesday, June 2, 2010

from zero to hero !!!

let's be clear:

i have always thought that chris pronger was a total douche....

i've also never mixed words when describing what a lowlife i think patty kane is.....

but here's today's twist:

[editor's note: can someone tell me when 'patrick kane' became 'pat kane' ? was it around the same time 'daniel briere' became 'danny briere' and 'VARlamov' became 'varLAMov' ??]

patty kane [like 'patty cake'] has an incredible pedigree of being a total chump: starting with him beating up a cab driver over 20 cents, continuing on through the half-naked-in-a-limo incident, and ending with the fact that he's a damn good hockey player for a club that's neither the flames nor team canada.

i think it's because his age/hormones won't allow him to grow a playoff beard, but regardless: his decision to grow an irony mullet for the playoff run gets two thumbs up from me.... not just because he's growing it jagr styles and without shame, but because he adorned the business half with some serious mc hammer/vanilla ice shaved-in side steps:

on the other side of the ice, you've got chris pronger and puckgate.

i'd be willing to bet that nobody from either team ACTUALLY thinks that the puck-thieving at games' end is actually a big deal, but chris pronger has singlehandedly shifted the media focus from "why the eff did leighton let in two goals in 30 seconds ?" to "chris pronger has a serious history of douchey manouevers."

there is no doubt that the man they call "elbows" has a history of being a dirty player and a lousy human being, but my guess is that his current roster of teammates think he's pretty fantastic for pulling a smoke and mirrors job that would make darryl sutter proud....

watch !! it's EASY !!! just pick up a couple of pucks at the end of a couple of games, tell people that you threw them in the garbage "cause that's where they belong" [ummm... GENIUS] and the next thing you know, you're back on home ice trying to even the series..... and while everybody on the planet discusses what a bratty spoilsport you are, not a SOUL bothers to inquire what the hell laviolette was thinking by starting daniel carcillo on the first line in game 2.

so, to two guys i have hated in the past and will thoroughly dislike again in the future, today i tip my hat.



mikeH said...

So the missed call in the baseball game sparked a CBC story about the top 10 blown calls in sports:

Top 10 Blown Calls

Gelinas' (uncounted) goal in '04 makes the list. Goddamnit.

awildermode said...

you forgot to mention kane's mouthpiece