Thursday, June 10, 2010

um. WHAT ??

so i tried to listen to the darryl sutter interview a day later (cause it was posted on and the fan960) and i will admit that i only made it through about half of the first installment (of three). yeah, that's right: i could only punish my ears through 14:37 until i'd had quite enough of the electronic cellphone interference interrupting pretty much fucking everything. i must admit, any GM who's cellphone is that busy MUST be in the process of doing SOMETHING.... there's no way daz has that many friends..... but i digress; fourteen minutes was also plenty enough of D-sutts giving fans the run-around while kerr and boomer thoroughly allowed him to do so.

it actually reminds me of something that my very good friend lindsay (aka: the doctor) told me once... you see, he hosts a radio show on the australian broadcasting corporation's tripleJ [as an aside: i was the official JJJ drive show correspondant for the winter olympics, which was thoroughly ridiculous and utterly hilarious], and he's really really REALLY good at interviews. the point is that he explained that it doesn't matter what the question is, you can answer anything you want, so long as at the end you twist it back to "relate to" the question.

Q: "what's the most embarassing album you own ?"
A: "ted nugent's 'wang dang sweet poontang' if by EMBARASSING you mean pleased as punch."

so, darryl sutter does this.
like, a LOT.
and, to be quite honest (*snicker*) i'm totally sick of it...

Q: "when you hire those people --how is going to change what you do or how the flames do business ?"

A: ""i don't know if it changes how you do business but it certainly gives you.... bigger doesn't mean better but better maybe the way... the way we can move some of the responsibilities around i think that that...uhhhh.... y'know if you look at our staff it's primarily based on a uhhh..... mike holditch who's in charge of the capol ---he's really the 'capologist' and finance part of it and the business and helping me negotiate the contracts, and then after that it's spread out into, uh... below the nhl more and i just think that ummm... it's funny not making the playoffs ---it's something that we talked about last summer, something that we talked about the year before that when you don't make the playoffs then it becomes more of a topic or an issue, right ? i think that the um..... y'know what ? we'll find the right guy."

right, darryl.
clear as mud, sir.

another thing he seems to do is, instead of admitting fault or culpability in a situation, he will exaggerate the original result thousandfold. like where boomer/kerr ask him if, given another chance, would he still trade dion/olli. his response ? "i would have done it earlier."

i will keep my ears open for further examples of this but i'm convinced it's not the first time, nor will it be the last....

i'm onto you, dazza.

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