Monday, May 31, 2010

pardon my language, but.... have GOT to be fucking kidding me.



rubbertrout said...

This is the kind of drivel one might typically expect from Eric Francis. Delusional at best.


walkinvisible said...

dude !
how do you write comments but not show up as having written a comment ?!

i'm enamoured by your deviousness.

rubbertrout said...

I have no idea. You are giving me too much credit for deviousness when my technical skills rival that of a deaf/mute 2 year old.

A Z R said...

We did an FJM of this article for FlamesNation. It was up briefly but I must have pissed someone off because it is down right now.

And yes, that's me bragging about writing for FlamesNation.

Although, in all honesty, your title is better than mine.