Friday, June 11, 2010

mike fisher is a real man

sure, his fiancée is superhot and a totally successful country singer/former winner of american idol but does he really have to carry her bedazzled clutch ?

if you're not taking it to the stage with you, just leave your purse on your chair !!! i mean, what's IN IT that can't be left unsupervised for a few minutes ??!??? jeeeeeeezzzz.....

also ? i think it's quite the statement on pop culture in the current era that nobody blinks an eye when someone wears two different outfits at an awards show.

oh, and mike fisher needs a freakin' stylist. stat.


mikeH said...

I'm more amazed that she wore two different hair styles in one show. That must have been a lot of work.

I think I know what she's keeping in that clutch: Mike Fisher's Balls. Wouldn't want to lose those on the floor of the auditorium.

mikeH said...

Hey, PPP is saying that Dion is going to be named captain next week. I think I just puked in my mouth.

walkinvisible said...

why ?
dion needs to be a captain. his head's too big to be an alternate. besides, if he wasn't captain, who the hell are we gonna make fun of in a buds jersey ?

oh. right. dion anyways.

Subversive said...

Any man who posts here who says he wouldn't do any damn thing Carrie Underwood tells him to is a liar, a dirty rotten stinking liar. Just sayin'.