Friday, June 25, 2010

darryl sutter is not delusional

in a statement to the calgary herald yesterday, the flames' general manager announced that the club is "one player away from being a top team."

yeah. one player like sidney effin' crosby, alex ovechkin, or jonathan toews.

in other news, i'm starting to think daz throws in a lie after he begins a sentence with "to be quite honest." i think that because of this gem from that same article:

“To be quite honest, I don’t see us being very active here at all,” Sutter said Thursday in a break from meeting with his scouts. “We have one or two guys who we’re really going to try and work with and get something done — on our own team.”

i'm 99% positive that we'll deal someone to get a pick in the first or second round. my bettin' money's on ian white, but i swear that i wouldn't be shocked to see gio go (SAD, but not surprised). if gio gets dealt tomorrow, watch fan support dwindle. this team is going nowhere fast.


rubbertrout said...

They could always pick up Jarome's sister. I hear she's quite the fighter.

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