Saturday, June 5, 2010

why calgary's sled island festival is awesome:

in addition to providing calgary with an arts and culture festival to call it's own, sled island makes friends of otherwise competing music venues, movie theatres, and art galleries. it brings in interesting bands from out of town, all the while showcasing interesting local musicians, filmmakers & artists.... yeah, i'm pretty sure we'd all agree that sled island is cool.

another reason sled island is kickass: the festival's director, future ward 8 alderman (vote!), and hitthepost pal, zak pashak. the dude is, quite simply, a die-hard hockey fan. we've spent some great patio afternoons discussing the pros and cons of the flames blueline, and countless hours watching games of the nhl, whl, and international variety (some of the best times ever were at vancouver's ANZA club watching team canada win their way to olympic gold). he's smart, funny, and invested in his causes, and he fucking LOVES the city of calgary.....

because zak's a buddy of mine, i took the time to read the "thank you" page of the sled island program guide (that you can currently find in this month's beatroute magazine, and will no doubt also appear in a late-june edition of ffwd magazine).... let's just say i was glad to have taken the time. little things like this amuse me to no end:

or, to save you from finding a magnifying glass and/or squinting so hard your eyes hurt:


thanks for making my day, man.

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awildermode said...

did they thank harvey the hound?

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