Thursday, June 10, 2010

09/10 season ends with a whimper

when a road team wins the cup, the hoopla at the final buzzer is obviously always underwhelming. generally speaking, when the winning tally comes in OT, there's a bit more immediate fanfare no matter where the game is played.... so, i think perhaps the hockey gods were speaking to patty kane on last night's championship-winning goal: "here, kid. you deserve this, but you best be settling your ego the eff down.... the win is for your team, not YOU," as it came and went with very little hoopla. infact, it seemed the room was all-but silent, save for kane himself (who appeared to be the only fella in the joint who knew that the puck had crossed the line).

the blackhawks certainly deserved to come out victorious, and there was honestly not alot of doubt they'd be contenders even at this time last year.... and while i often cheer for the dark horse, i must admit that it's pretty satisfying to see lord stanley's mug awarded to the rightful victor.

a couple of minor post-game thoughts:

1. adam burish's "winner" (plastic) gold medal effin' ruled:

2. jonathan toews joins the triple gold club as its' youngest inductee. like crosby before them, keith and seabrook (not keith seabrook) are still missing the world championship gold. a reason, perhaps, to not skip the tourney in upcoming years ??

3. scotty bowman appears to have named his son after lord stanley, who finally brought home his namesake. as if the dude's life could have possibly been any different ??!?

4. the footage of teemu hoisting the prize still chokes me up and probably always will....

6. bittersweet aftertaste: pronger losing and hossa winning. carcillo losing and sopel winning.

7. chris versteeg very clearly pronounces his own name VERsteeg, not verSTEEG.

8. jeff carter is gonna have nightmares that all goalies forevermore will be practising how to make saves with their faces.

9. only one month and three days til prospect camp at the dome. less than 14 weeks til rookie camp/15 weeks til training camp.
bring it.


shep said...

remember loobs prediction? hes good

A Z R said...

What I would have given to see Carcillo raise the cup...

Your comment on my article made me laugh out loud. I must give props.

walkinvisible said...

shep: what was the loob prediciton again ? i forget..... no matter; there's still no doubt that he's good.

azr: i'm awfully proud that i can make you laugh. i want a medal. preferrably a plastic one that says "winner."

Sarah said...

I loved that moment with Burish, too great :)

I was thrilled to see the 'Hawks win. They are fun to watch, a young team who is obviously really tight, with lots of skill and, contrary to popular opinion, I kind of like the swagger! The Flames could certainly use a little bit...