Wednesday, June 30, 2010

proof positive....

that darryl sutter has totally lost his shit.
if any other gm in the league is awake today, pocketdawes (and his 15 goals and affordable contract) is as good as gone.

ps: i'll miss you, gio, when you go.


mikeH said...

I'm starting to feel a lot like this guy:

Man hit by lightning then mauled by bear

Just replace "hit by lightning" with "blindsided by Darryl", and "mauled by bear" with "sucker punched by Darryl." Oh, and tack on a little, "backstabbed by Darryl" for good measure.

Luckily we added Henrik Karlsson this week to save our asses, he must have one hell of a scoring punch. Huh... what's that? He's a 27 year old goaltender who's never seen NHL ice time? We are so FUCKED.

mikeH said...

Calgary Herald article featuring a patented, Darryl Sutter, "To be quite honest...":

Move for Jokinen linked to injury fears

Not sure if it is followed by a flat out lie in this case, but still funny that his needle is so stuck in that groove.

And it looks like pocketdawes is bought out and free to do as he wishes. So weak.