Thursday, June 3, 2010

sasquatch festival

as previously mentionned here and elsewhere, i like to lurk facebook for sport. i have managed, in my time, not only to find and check out a number of players' pages, i'm currently holding topless pics of brett sutter and some very seriously awesome ones of keith seabrook in his underwear (awesome because the undies are KICKASS). anyhow, i'm not really the type to post'em here on my blog but suffice it to say that they exist, i know they exist, and perhaps someday i'll feel inclined to share'em....

ie: peter hanlon might want to remind the players how to privatize their social networks. tsk tsk, sir. you're doing a poor job.

at any rate, some people who may or may not be (occasionally ?) employed by the calgary flames organization apparently went to watch some bands in the sun at the gorge in george, washington [note: i've known for years that the gorge was in george, but it just occurred to me that the place is called george washington...]. i don't think it's at all important or interesting to post photos of their good times, but i do think this one was made for the interwebz. 21 years after his departure from the flames, and he's still some fans' preferred #12.

kudos to you, friend.


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