Tuesday, March 18, 2008

flames v. BJs pregame: a good defense...

i was reading back on something that kyle had said last year and it made me laugh in one of those resigned-to the-fact-that-this-team-is-destined-to-fail sort of way (the way you HAVE to laugh cause if you don't, you'll cry...):

""I'd rank our defence as Phanuef, (robyn) Regehr, Hamrlik, Ference, Warrener, Giordano, Ritchie (regehr), You, Me, Darryl Sutter, Zyuzin""

it's undenyably depressing that, of that list, only three remain [i'm not including you, me, or daz in this calculation] ---and only two of those are any good. even with the extra millions we spent on defense this year, i would be hard pressed to consider the 08 blueline better....

if i were to do the same ranking today, it would go:
phaneuf, regehr.... ..... ...... uh... i guess.... aucoin.... uh... sarich, vandermeer, you, me, darryl sutter, eriksson, hale, warrener.

and i had a lot of trouble with that list.
and i forgot sarich the first time around....

tonight's tilt against nash and the boys is the last non-NW matchup of the year. ie: all must-wins from here on in. to be honest (and i could be fallbreaking), in re-reading what i wrote above, my hopes for this team are fading.


we shall see.
fyi: there is no tupperware party tonight, but i promise to watch the game with tupperware visible. also the JR XL will get a second try....
i look forward to seeing rob's animated nash-odile lunging for a boating kipps.

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RobWoolley said...

I'm working on it. I think Steve Nash has to be in there too. It wouldn't be fair to Leanne any other way.