Friday, March 7, 2008

flames v. preds pregame: playing with fire

let's review:

flames & preds are 3 points apart in the WC standings: the flames currently have sole possession of the 3rd playoff spot, while the predators are sitting below the line, based purely on on games played & W/L record (they're technically tied for 8th).
conclusion: the preds are not going down without a fight tonight.

in addition to a fired-up nashville team, the flames are also going to have to overcome the fact that ST being in town has prompted a blogger hookup... the flames are 0-3 in this capacity. on the other hand, duncan and i went to flames central once to watch a flames/predators game ----the only untelevised game of the year, it turned out---- and the C's took that one on a reviewed goal by eric godard (and we narrowly avoided arrest)....
conclusion: this game could really go either way.

i've heard nary a peep from any of you re: phone #s. so i suppose if a venue change is in order, the unicorn it shall be.... MEANING IF WE CAN'T GET A SPOT AT FLAMES CENTRAL !!!!!!!!! I'M HEADING TO FLAMES CENTRAL FOR 7PM-ISH, AND WILL BE THERE IF WE CAN GET A TABLE.... THE UNICORN IS THE BACKUP PLAN

sorry to confuse.


Kent W. said...

The Unicorn? Never been.

Anonymous said...

Unicorn makes a mean mac 'n' cheese.

The moral of this story, by the way, is that bloggers should only get together to sort of listen to live updates from the Fan's Rob Kerr. Or, if they win tonight, games against the Predators.

walkinvisible said...

it's still flames central as plan A.

but since nobody had dropped me their numbers, i randomly selected a venue for the backup plan (ie: if there's no tables available at FC)....

with me, people ? good. :) see you later.

walkinvisible said...

flames central:
219 - 8th avenue SW

unicorn pub:
304 - 8th avenue SW

Kent W. said...


I'll be there tonight. In fact, Im semi-planning on getting to FC earlier than 7 (6:30?) to try to ensure getting a table.