Tuesday, March 25, 2008

flames v. avs postgame: lesson learned

seems to me that the flames should've beat the avs last night, but couldn't convince the refs that they deserved the two points. holy crap were there some ridiculous calls. 'nuff said.

i'm still not convinced this team looks like a champion. i mean, marcus nilson on the first line ??? that does not a stanley cup make (just ask the habs, who look to be playing well into june)... still, it WOULD be nice to make the playoffs...

jose theodore. when he popped his helmet off last night from the pain of getting railroaded by yelle, it looked to me like the propecia might not be working..... [yeah. i watched.... i mean.... FOPPA !!!].

totally disconnected post. what can i say.

better luck tonight ??

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