Monday, March 24, 2008

flames v. avs pregame: unanswerable questions

i'm not really in the mood for writing at all, but i have some questions that i just can't seem to answer.

1. why are the flames a better team when one of their most skilled wingers spends most of his time riding pine ?
2. wtf is henhenhen ?
3. when did daniel briere officially become danny briere ?
4. why are so many PPV games against the 'lanche ?
5. why would cruikshank/lefebvre acknowledge that tanguay is expected to play, yet ignore him in their projected lineup ?

that's all i've got for now.

looking forward to the prospect of posting some fun stuff tomorrow. racking my brain to figure out who eriksson looks like... ;)


RobWoolley said...

You're not the only one feeling the writing pinch. At least you didn't get everything wrong in your post.

1) Methinks the answer lies with Keenan. Line Management is something he handles oddly.

2) Man, everyone knows what henhenhen is, it's henhenhen! ;-) Ok fine, I'll admit, I'm curious.

3) Briere is trying to be like Dany Heatley. Look for Briere to drop an 'N' next season.

4) Because the muppets at CGYFLAMESinc think this is a game people would actually pay to see. Ironically, they're right. Cuz some percentage of the population can't resist Petey's Dreamy Eyes. ;-)

5. Bubba

walkinvisible said...

#4: entirely and unfortunately true... *fans warming face*

#5: thanks, rob. i had a very good laugh at this one....

RobWoolley said...

Update, I checked, Sloth has more teeth than eriksson. Too bad, they were pretty patched otherwise.

awildermode said...

Baby Ruth?