Tuesday, March 18, 2008

flames v. BJs postgame: we suuuck...

the game's not even over but i'm gonna write this now anyways. being that we're three goals down with 9-or-so minutes left is an absolute lost cause. if my team was pittsburgh or montreal or SJ, i might be praying for a tie... but not this team. no effin' way.

i wish we had nash. or zherdev. MAN they're good.

our team, ultimately, sucks. this is becoming clear to me now. with tanguay out of the lineup, it's seriously a waste of time to even play, methinks. might as well forfit the next half dozen. it's gonna be a sad day when the oil overtake us in the standings.... iggy simply cannot do it on his own. langkow's cold. juice is cold. lombo's cold. nolan's cold. conroy TRIES but he's cold. yelle, nilson, primeau, godard & moss all suck, and boyd is too inexperienced. this "frustrating group" will not make it out of the first round if they even make the playoffs.

and the "merits" of the defensive corps was discussed in the previous post.

it's a dark day. i can't even pretend to be positive about it anymore....

fyi: jr XL is going back in the wash, and i can put the tupperware away. waste. of. time.

can't wait to watch the Cs get throttled by the avs on PPV thursday. maybe i'll be busy washing my hair.


leanne said...

Appropriately, Thursday, I have tickets to Little Shop of Horrors.

Kent W. said...

CBJ played a picture perfect game. Nash and co. outplayed Jarome and co pretty significantly and with Tanguay out of the line-up, the Flames are a pretty toothless bunch.

I guess it was good to see Primeau/Lombardi/Moss generate some nice chances, but that's precious little solace after going 1-3 on a road-trip filled with non-play-off teams and meaning so much. The Flames were outplayed in every game they lost and were cumulatively outshot by a wide margin.

I think we'll back into the post season again this year...but there's no chance they make any noise there. It's clear the roster has way too many glaring faults.

walkinvisible said...

I guess it was good to see Primeau/Lombardi/Moss generate some nice chances

lombo generates chances every game, methinks. unfortunately, i think primeau and moss have all the finish of a pine tree.

and then the greasers go and score eight goals.
nice one.

awildermode said...

a la Hakan Looooob. one 'U' for every goal the Flames should have scored....yeah, we suuuck.