Wednesday, March 5, 2008

flames v. BJs postgame: big wins and big losses

well, i didn't watch much of the game last night ---i had the teev on but spent the first two periods playing pinball, and then went out to go see a punk band at the stetson. what i know is that warrener and hale, as a pairing, make me nervous like old times, that kipps with a bit of rest and a kick in the pants rose to the challenge, and theoren fleury looks like he should be selling cars (did you hear that, peplinski ??)... big win for the flames on home ice.

the big loss for the flames came last week sometime, but i only found out about it today. it seems they selected someone to fill the role of entertainment coordinator without even interviewing yours truly.... boooo ! i don't wanna be cocky or conceited but, in all honesty, i would've rocked that job.... :(

onwards and upwards....

flames central is the chosen locale for the nerdy flames blogger convention this friday night. i'll head down around 7 to see if i can get a table... if yes, you'll find me in the bar somewhere holding seating for 5-6 (or as many as possible in that range). if no, i'll be loitering, i guess, waiting for enough of you to show up to decide on an alternate location (unicorn ? joyce ? bear and kilt, if it still exists ?).... if you would like to exchange phone numbers, drop me a line at


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