Friday, March 21, 2008

flames v. avs postgame: separated at birth series PT 1

in all of my well-rehearsed pessimism, i really didn't think that the flames would be able to pull out the two points last night. so instead of watching at a bar PPV-styles, i listened to the game on the radio and worked on my 'project,' thinking that following a disastrous loss at the hands of the 'lanche, i would have something smile-worthy to post.

weeellll, we won.
hello plans ? meet wrench.

i've got five different 'separated at birth' photo pairings ready to go. i've decided that instead of dumping them into a single post, for your viewing pleasure, i'll divvy 'em up & display one following each flames win through april (and with any luck, i'll be scrambling for some new ones by the end)....

in my post for the new york times slapshot blog, i was asked:
"What player would you most like to see checked right through the Zamboni doors?"

my response:
Mike Ribeiro. Hands down. So what if the guy looks like Steve Buscemi, he still can’t act worth beans. The wiggling he did on the ice in Montreal proved that he will never be considered either a sportsman or a thespian. Sure, he has respectable linemates in Dallas and can chalk up some clutch points, but that just makes him all the more hateable if you ask me.

aaaand the backup:


as for the game results, i MUST send a loveletter to my foppa for sitting out, as well as one to lombo (aka: TOPS) for having some seriously crazy wheels... is this guy the fastest dude in the league, or WHAT ?!?!

wild tomorrow. fingers crossed that i can give you guys part 2 on sunday.... look forward to it. it's GOOD.

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Kent W. said...

This is an insult to Steve Buscemi, whom Im quite fond of.