Saturday, March 1, 2008

cujo v. the dogs

not much to say, here. the flames looked decent last night, but for the second straight outing they couldn't find the back of the net. you've got to think that one of these days, lombardi's aim will be "a quarter inch" to the right side of the post/crossbar and huselius will break out of his slump with avengeance. we can no longer presume his difficulties were based on the trade deadline.

the horrible part of this stretch run is knowing that the flames probably have enough to make it deep into the postseason, pending the team steps it up with all skaters playing to potential. the majority of the defensive corps has been all-but-terrible, and most of the forwards have been underachieving. i think the team gets beat by themselves and not the other teams, most nights, with too many fancy passes and sloppy play in all zones.


i will predict a loss (cause the team reacts well to it).

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