Thursday, March 20, 2008

flames v. avs pregame: ad infinitum

it is really hard for me to sit down and post on tonight's matchup between a freefalling flames team and a level avalanche squad. realistically, calgary CAN win this matchup, but both teams are looking at it as a "must win." for some reason, the flames like to choke on anything they can get into their airways, these days, so i'm not feeling altogether hopeful.

the good news is that it's PPV, so i don't necessarily feel i NEED to watch it (saving me from certain angst and disgust). the OTHER good news is that all superstition is out the window, so the flames will have to do this on their own. all tupperware, jerseys and predictions mean nothing anymore. this game will be won or lost on the merits of the players, their skill, and determination (or lack thereof). we'll find out after tonight if the boys in red have any interest in playing further games after april 6th.

supposed line combos from practise, according to the insider:

* Huselius-Langkow-Iginla
* Smith-Conroy-Nolan
* Primeau-Lombardi-Yelle
* Nilson-Boyd-Godard
* Nystrom-Conroy-Moss

Make of that hash what you will.

yep. make of that hash what you will. smith/conroy/nolan ??!?! no wonder this team's faltering...

if we win, i'll have a ton of stuff to say tomorrow. if we lose, i'm working on another project to take my mind off the misery....

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MacS said...

No Foppa for you to watch :(

but at least we won.