Saturday, April 21, 2007

review: game 5

maybe it's a cop-out but it seems to me that every questionable action by anyone in a flaming C (during the game today) can be attributed to having a hack coach. that includes noodles going off the deep end after 18 seconds on the ice, or the continual post-whistle scrums in the last 5 minutes. oh, and the inability to score by anyone EXCEPT ZYUZIN, the plethora of unnecessary penalties (yeah, i'm talking to you tanguay.... warrener), the flat-footed defense etc. etc. etc.

if there is any post-season action to re-sign this idiot, i think ken king might need to sack SUTTER.

on the bright side: lombardi looked pretty good.
everyone else: meh.

detroit in 6. fo rizzle.


[just thinking about next year and am devastated to discover that zyuzin is making 1.425 mil in 07/08. CRAP !]


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's a cop-out.

Kent W. said...

I agree Lombardi and everything else.

Kent W. said...

about Lombardi that is.